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16 / female / USA

If you Gotta question ask :) Im open to meeting new people... Im more like a tomboy than anything else.. so I don't really get along much with chicks Ig... that's how iv always been so.. sorry ladie birds if I come off abit ***y :p


Guitar, alto sax. , Football , playing zombies with my bf

Favorite Video Games

Kingdom hearts, blck ops 1-2, ***asins creed brotherhood..and FF7 with vincent Valintine

Favorite Music

Three days grace, Panic at the disco, AV7X, Rush, ACDC, and yeah..sadley some chick crp too :p like Maroon 5.. some once direction BUT NO JUSTIN BIEBER!

Favorite Movies

Not really picky

Fav. Tv Shows

Dont watch much TV but I guess itd be greys anatomy

Favorite Books

air born, vladimir todd series, slayer chronicles

Favorite Quote

unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot its not going to get better, its not. ~ Lorax

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