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15 / male

i like wwe and i am 15and i like the most is my xbox live and i like slipknot and metallica and i what a gf anyone and i have a xbox 360 and do you have live add me and i like christian and ecw wooooooooooooooooooooooooand i like JEFF HARDY one of a kind ROB VAN DAM ^-^ and my name is kendrick or ken and if you what to cill me its 7764726 let it rock and i am in love and rip michael jackson but i will love you my gfam a slipknotfan psychosocial and i am emo dont question my heart puls i get my ling haier

Favorite Video Games

callofduty world at war and red faction guerrilla and smackdown vs raw 2009 featuring ecw

Favorite Music

slipknot and system off a down and metallica

Favorite Movies

the unborn

Favorite Books


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