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I guess you can say i am blessed, that all the angels sang at my birth but i feel more as if i am cursed a demon in a human form and a being who walks the line between the dark and the light. If you shall find your self astray and need of a friend of a helping hand or just a person to guide you on your path what ever it may be that is where we fallen come in to guide you humans in your search for your path in life, then when your path comes to a end we shall banish away humans and give them the very thing that shall always elude us.... The children in the darkness are always feared by those in the light as the children slip away into the darkness, we shall never return but we shall learn to walk talk and stand on our own two feet to face all the fears and evil of this world we live in. We shall over come all that has been done fix what we can and accept what we can not and be greater then all that has been given we are the fallen we are the strong and we are the many we are the fallen.

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