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13 / female / noyb u frkn stalker!!!

im sarcastic and LOVE games and getn scared ^.^ i also love meetin new ppl. btw im a vampire tht lost its fangs haha jk, but i do bite o.O haha again jk i dont bite.... much ;)


animals! games! scayness ^.^

Favorite Video Games

god of war! the sims gmes lmao. def jam.

Favorite Music

i <3 ____ idk yet but ill let you know ^.^

Favorite Movies

TWIGHLIGHT! THE UNBORN! FAST AND THE FURIOUS (recent). TERMINATOR SALVATION! TAKEN (i can mouth the whole part on the phone haha)! I <3 ACTION & HORROR! ^.^

Fav. Tv Shows

degr***i: the nxt generation.

Favorite Books

i <3 horror, mystery, nd realistic so i guess thts non-fiction lol. fictions are okay... sumtimes

Favorite Quote

"" (dnt have a fav quote tht i like. but i do say "gotta problem?!" alot lol but thts jus me =D.)

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