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First of all, let me tell why i choose this username. i called myself coldhearted013 because in real life, i am one. im not the type that normally talk to people in real life. but im cool if im in ***. i've been in gs for about 3 years and a half now. you can call me Cold or Aries or Reen. It doesnt matter. Im 20 years old and im still in gs, lolz. i just couldnt leave gs. its become a part of me now. im a university student taking civil engineering course. im malaysian and of course, islam. My bestest pals in gs are Jaxion (city_angel), Anaway, LInkperez, Drpwnder,, Codymonster, Ladymystic, WAzzup, Pillows, cali, Simcoll, Mattbxc, Lisa_Uchiha, Jeremy_perez, Brofist, Naruto_21, wavvy_***, ice_stepz,, Doug, Grim Reaper, Mrme and more, i guess. i heart them with all my heart. so. if u messes with them, u messes with me too, ***hole. and one more thing, im quite friendly but also a sensitive type, and hot tempered (not really). im not searching for a relationship here just friends

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