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First of all, let me tell why i choose this username. i called myself coldhearted013 because in real life, i am one. im not the type that normally talk to people in real life. but im cool if im in ***. i've been in gs for about 3 years and a half now. you can call me Cold or Aries or Reen. It doesnt matter. Im 20 years old and im still in gs, lolz. i just couldnt leave gs. its become a part of me now. im a university student taking civil engineering course. im malaysian and of course, islam. My bestest pals in gs are Jaxion (city_angel), Anaway, LInkperez, Drpwnder,, Codymonster, Ladymystic, WAzzup, Pillows, cali, Simcoll, Mattbxc, Lisa_Uchiha, Jeremy_perez, Brofist, Naruto_21, wavvy_***, ice_stepz,, Doug, Grim Reaper, Mrme and more, i guess. i heart them with all my heart. so. if u messes with them, u messes with me too, ***hole. and one more thing, im quite friendly but also a sensitive type, and hot tempered (not really). im not searching for a relationship here just friends


as longs its new things, i can be interesting in anything that comfortable for me

Favorite Video Games

DEvil may cry, finalfantasy, kingdom heart, and more rpg games

Favorite Music


Favorite Movies

mostly anime

Fav. Tv Shows

mostly anime *funny, horror, heartwarming*

Favorite Books

all kind but not politics

Favorite Quote

a shadow will always be a will nvr changes

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