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14 / male / punching asian babies

Put 2 and 2 together. You know, from the description above? Oh, and my names Draven by the way. I'm in a screamo band i sing vocals and let's just say i have a dark past.


Blowing things up. Period. :D

Favorite Video Games

TES:Oblivion,Fallout 3,Horror Survival,RE series

Favorite Music

Linkin Park,Just about anything that ***ing rocks.

Favorite Movies

Anything scary.Or funny.That works too.

Fav. Tv Shows

Whatever the *** I want to watch.

Favorite Books

Zombie Survival Guide,World War Z,Stuff like that.

Favorite Quote

I'm writing a book- "This is way too ***ed up..." said Damian as he watched with a violent mixture of terror, anger, and despair, the video which would haunt his dreams for decades to come. The video of him unknowingly slaughtering his whole family. He then began to wonder if he would even live until next week."Ouch!" he howled as he realized his previously shatterd, casted leg had been hurting s

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