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I am kinda new on herer but nott really i have alot of things on my mind all the time so wen yhu pc me ndd i say im sad or deressed plzz dnt ask me why kuzz i wnt tell yhu.......... Oka now imma tell yhu people who look aht my profile a lil hit bout meh hete goes nothing,........ Im 16 im already taken...short im 5'1 im mixed widd mexican indian black ndd porturican(so dnt flip out wen i tlk to yhu in another language lolzz) im mean so if yhu *** meh off yhu better hope yhu live somewhere far far away from meh.....My dad put meh in a gang......Im a daddies girl so dnt make meh mad kuzz if yhu do ndd yhur a boy yhu might not wanna tlk to meh anymore......I live in lawton oklahoma......I have barely any frenns so yha i really dnt lik people so dnt get mad if i snnap on yhu......

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