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17 / female / arionzone

well im so cool has life so good and is sweet ***y hot and love guys who like me. and i love to dance and sing all the time . i play in a band which is awsome and cool u would of corse love me cuz im so cool and is so faloubs and i treat u riught.


boys, baseball,football,candyand games

Favorite Video Games

call of duty,spiltercell,racegames,blackops,and mosty good one

Favorite Music

one direction

Favorite Movies

coach carter,DARKHOUSE,women in black,party at my house,hot chick

Fav. Tv Shows

i carly,victorius,sonpebob,goodluckcharil coach carter and every thing else

Favorite Books

everybooks not boring ones

Favorite Quote

i promise one day your REGRET loseing me and uill think back and say *** that girl reaiil love me haaa lol

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