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15 / male / Oblivion

Hi Gamers!! My name is Davin. I'm 15 and 5'6 height, Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, and I'm a Gamer too if you wanna know. If any Gamers need any help on the games on *** or what's in my Favorite Games, You know where to find me I ain't hidin,my best friend is MakaEvans


Call of Duty,Xbox 360,The Elder Scrolls,Dragon Ball Z,Markipllier,Yamimash,Pewdiepie,Slender man,Mothman,Jeff the killer,Eyeless jack,Masky,Hoodie,Robots,Werewolfs

Favorite Video Games

GTA 5,Resident evil,Silent Hill, Halo, TEAM FORTRESS 2,Call of Duty,Aliens vs Predator,Injustice Gods Among Us,Skyrim,God of War,SCP Containment Breach,The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion,The Walking Dead,The Wolf Among Us,Darksiders 1,2

Favorite Music

Tiao Cruz,Linkin Park,T.I.,III Nino,Jason Aldean,Ca$h out,Chief Keef,Gym Cl*** Heros,Adam Levine,Rascal Flatts,Rehab,Bruno Mars

Favorite Movies

The Avengers,TED,THOR,WRECK-IT-RAHLP,Predator,Aliens,The Dark Knight Rises,Real Steel,Mortal Kombat,Freddy vs Jason,***s of the Galaxy

Fav. Tv Shows

Sons of Anarchy,Lizard Lick Towing,The Walking Dead,Soul Eater

Favorite Books

I mostly read greek,roman,german,undead,necromany,creepypastas,myths and legands

Favorite Quote

The day Bison graced your village was the most important day of you life. But for was Tuesday - M. Bison, from Street Fighter Movie

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