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Hi. My name is Alex. I am ***ual. I was dating this wonderful boy named Nick. I loved him so much. But, I did something very stupid. I had cheated on him with a girl. It broke his heart and he broke up with me. I was very sad and heartbroken. So one day, I carved this into my arm "I love you Nick" and then I hung myself. I also hung myself because I couldn't take all of the bullying. The po***r kids would beat me, burn me, kick me, hit me, punch me, shove me, they would do everything they could think of to hurt me. The main reason I did it was because of Nick. Ya see, I loved him so much, I would have done anything for him. I still love him even in the afterlife and nothing or no one can change that. <3 If you have any questions just find my name in the chat thing and start talking to m

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