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people change daily ryt ?? so did I :) once I used to be a silent and conservative one to be true but cir***stances taught me that I have to be strong as long as I am alive :) so now I have changed as well wid tym now I don't care about wat people say about me I do wat I want cuz I only got just one lyf for god sake and I don't wanna ruin it by doing stuff wat others want me to do. I am bubbly and always joyous now and I luv seeing others smlie and I feel contented when I know that the curve on their face is bcuz of me. I can't be rude to be true cuz I don't lyk to scold any1 without any reason. I am stubborn and sometyms annoying I admit that. my sunsign is pieces just for you guys to know. I love my guitar very much and I hope one day I will be performing with him on stage as well. I am


games,pizza,laughter,writing lyrics,cuddling and playing new songs on my guitar,doing diary entry,spend time with friends,internet,dancing,singing......and much more I dont remember :D

Favorite Video Games

silent hill, family barn, dragonfable,red moon, amber......etc

Favorite Music

lady gaga , taylor swift and adele. one direction and rihanna <3

Favorite Movies

romantic and horror

Fav. Tv Shows

cartoons !!! inuyasha!! winx club!!! fairy tail!! pawn stars!!chihayafuru!! sket dance and k-ON

Favorite Books

vampire , fairies and romantic books

Favorite Quote

I love chocolates !!!!! live and let live!!! love is something you can't ask gotta earn it!! keep smiling :D first try to be nice to others then see what happens ;)

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