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17 / female / US

Family Tree: Daughters: Crystal, Rain, Ana, Shadow, Arc, Angel, Beckster (Becky) Sons: Dark, Kinger, Torr and Razy(my adopted son), Azi, PrinceAbbadon Boyfriend: Matt Bros: Pro, Ryder, Giggles, Drp, Bawse, Demonboy1234, Aries (he is slaying a titan just for me), Isaac Sisters: Lory (Twinny boo <3) Kayy, Creepypastagirl <3 (best sis ever!!), Scene, Taiko (le partner in crime), Lisa, Girly. Still adding more! And YESH, I am Le back. :3


Music, MATT ❤, Waffles <333333333333... (Jk XD), Anime, SInging/

Favorite Video Games

All Silent Hill games, Dead Space 1 & 2, DarkWatch, Gear of War

Favorite Music

Toby Mac, Vocaloid, AAA, Evenescence, Skillet (Awake), Black Veil Brides, Kanon Wakeshima, ON/OFF, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Wang Lan Yin, Marilyn Manson

Favorite Movies

Mama, Warm Bodies (Simply Hilarious XD), A Haunted House, Beautiful Creatures

Fav. Tv Shows

Jerry Springer, Jeremy Kyle, Trust Us With Your Life, Vampire Knight, Inuyasha, Nurarihyon No Mago, Impractical Jokers,

Favorite Books

Anything wwith Gore ^3^

Favorite Quote

"Luny... you're weird... you know that...? But in a good way!!! Please don't kill me!!!! I love you.... my...... Darling Monster..... I mean Darling Sister-in-law ^_^" "Nicknames: Luna, Luny, Lu, Lu Lu, Ace, Acy, Acey, Nacy, Lacy, Lacey, Una, Ally, Allyson, Lyn, AllyBear, LunaBear, Lu Lu Pop, Ally Pop, Ally Moon pie, Waffles, Gumi, Rin, Al, Christi, Cristy, Box Neko, Boxy,"

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