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20 / male / Georgia

Hey Im back on here now. And if you dont know me then please message me and get to know me. Ima nice guy but thats completely up to u to deside. Just message me and Ill message bak. :) And to show how recent i typed this ill write down the date i wrote this so old friends wont think this is old. <--- (2/10/17) It be nice to hear from old friends again lol. And please check out my youtube: Hogybear 605. I do gameplays on my channel.


games, food, t.v., being lazy, girls, and playin guitar... electric!!!

Favorite Video Games

action, shoters and horror games. Fallout series is my all time favorite series of games if its urs to tell me :)

Favorite Music

lmfao, bestie boys, alexandra stan, theory of a dead man, godsmack and dorothy and I luv hardrock (fav kind of music)

Favorite Movies

as long as its funny or scary as ***. 1000 ways to die in the wild west is my fav.

Fav. Tv Shows

commedy, action and horrors. LOST is my number one favorite tv show :)

Favorite Books

lockdown ecape from furnes (i really don't read much... AT ALL!)

Favorite Quote

The harder sumthing is, the better it will be in the end.

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