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17 / female / United States

i am fun, spunky and love to laugh. I am a huge horror genre fan of games books, and movies. if you don't have a sense of humor or like horror don't waste my time.


Horror movies and games, theatrical make-up, photography, and poetry.

Favorite Video Games

Bio shock series, sillent hill series, house of the dead series, and the sims

Favorite Music

anything industrial or semi-*** none that less a wide variety.

Favorite Movies

saw series, ***raiser series, book of blood, midnight meat train, last house on the left, house of the dead, and the craft.,

Fav. Tv Shows

just about everything on adult swim and facked or faked

Favorite Books

horror novels, ellen hopkins series, and cirque du freak series.

Favorite Quote

Someone said to me, 'If fifty percent of the experts in Hollywood said you had no talent and should give up, what would you do?' My answer was then and still is, 'If a hundred percent told me that, all one hundred percent would be wrong.' -Marilyn Monroe

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