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19 / male / Germany

My favorite characters are Richtofen, Medic, Nick, and Wheatley. I am here to make friends and play some cool games. I may even do some lets play videos for my YouTube channel. I am NOT here for relationships or... um "adult needs" because I am a gentleman and do that kind of thing away from online sites. Otherwise, feel free to add and/or contact me through either a PM or private chat ^_^


Character design, drawing, making vids, playing games

Favorite Video Games

CoD: Zombies, HL1&2, L4D2, Portal2, TF2, gmod, Amnesia, Bioshock2

Favorite Movies

Scary/Funny ones :|

Fav. Tv Shows

Family Guy, Naruto, Bleach, Mythbusters

Favorite Quote

"Bleeding hearts die first."

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