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I'm awesome, athletic, play for school football team, i'm also on an MMA squad and earned the nickname: the 2nd Bruce Lee cuz I kinda look like him (but girls have told me I look hotter and cuter and ***ier than him blah blah you know what it is haha) and also cuz I have kick*** martial arts skills (I know judo, jiujitsu and muay thai) and i'm a total bad***, I skateboard, I like any po***r sport, chicks dig me. Nuff said. (Also i'm a game addict and i'm allergic to ugly girls. Jus sayin.) Also if you're not satisfied with this info and want to know more click show more. (Btw excuse by ***y ego/attitude. I'm sorry but when you're this awesome it's justified!) >:) x) xD If you have Facebook feel free to ask me if you wanna be friends. Despite my ***y attitude I'm not an ***. I'm only rude/disrepectful if you are to me. I'm that guy that believes in: "You get what you give, you get what you deserve." I'm a fair dude. Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you. Also I like weed!

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