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15 / female / Melbourne, Australia

Not much to say just completely awesome and unique XD. Yeahhh so im done with this site. Been a good three years. Whatevergirl55 my BESTEST friend on this site you are AWESOME and im goanna miss our truth and dare games. Hope to meet you someday! 12/11/2014

Favorite Music

R5, 5sos, justice crew, taylor swift, miley cyrus

Favorite Movies

The fault in our stars, The maze runner, Divergent, Hunger games, Harry potter.

Fav. Tv Shows

Austin and Ally, vampire diaries, teen wolf, the 100, pretty little liars

Favorite Books

Halo series, gallagher girls, hush hush series, nighshade series, inkheart triology

Favorite Quote

Just dont fall for a guy when you know he's goanna break your heart. It's not worth it. He's not worth it. Trust your instincts. Hope is heartbreak.

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