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13 / female / Chicago!!!!

im a girl in chicago, i love softball,i love watching base ball because I get it now lol, I make a great friend, and gf;), really good gf, I love music, I make songs and sing fora living but I'm not that famouse yet,


Guys that have very good manors, but still flirts with me a lot

Favorite Video Games

call of duty,hanger,mortal combat mavle verses dc

Favorite Music

cold play, niki manosh, evenesants

Favorite Movies

the vow,new years eve,scary movie,(all of them) Stan helsing, the actin the hat,,brave,matilda,iron man 1 and 2, the avengers,and a lot more but I'm tired

Fav. Tv Shows

ghost adventure,my cat from ***,myth busters, and last but not least, spongebob

Favorite Books

the novels to this wold we live in

Favorite Quote

just do your best, and god will do the rest

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