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18 / female / az

I'm quiet at first, but after awhile, I act pretty crazy :? I LOVE cats, I've been drawing for over 5 years I don't like reading twilight (plz dont think im TOO crazy) im an only child, so i get bored allot, ppl say im weird because i dont seem like the type of person who likes heavy metal and scary movies, also, I don't have a twitter or any other of thoes sites but if you would like to add me on either of thoes please email me/ pm me and ill add you, im also pretty nice and HATE to be mean, i accept all friend requests so if you need or want more friends send me one, i accept all! another thing, im pretty smart even though i dont act like it or i slack off abit sometimes, music is like a 2nd life to me :) and i love all my friends and family, im a total helper too, i give advise alot an


drawing, video games,reading, dancing, writing, and cooking

Favorite Video Games

kingdom hearts, mario, mana khemia, cooking mama SUPER SMASH BROS, wii sports, and new super mario bros wii

Favorite Music

Rob Zombie, Korn, smashing pumkins, epica, xandria, Jpop, Kpop, J and K rock and vocaloid

Favorite Movies

scary movies, blades of glory

Fav. Tv Shows

family guy, the simpsons, spongebob, and anime shows (tokyo mew mew aka mew mew power)

Favorite Books

night world, anything scary, and my boyfriend's a vampire

Favorite Quote

'In your darkest hour you strike gold" -Alice in chains Lyric XD

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