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15 / female / Bowling Green, KY

***, I like my music loud. love to party. im a box full of mysteries. you'll have to dig to uncover my many secrets. i'm friendly unless set off. when i'm ***ed it's bad. stay on my good side ^w^ i love meeting new people so don't be afraid to talk to me (:


Music, Motorcross, hunting, gaming

Favorite Video Games

COD: Black Ops, Modern Warefare 3, Resident 0-6, Left 4 Dead 1&2, Dead To Rights, Dead Rising

Favorite Music

Adele, Evanescence, Breathe Carolina, Asking Alexandria, Alesana, Dev, I set my friends on fire, Suicide Silence, iwrestledabearonce, Blood on the dancefloor, brokeNCYDE, Stone Sour, Slipknot, August burns red, Flyleaf, From first to last, scary kids scar

Favorite Movies

anything involving zombies

Fav. Tv Shows

southpark, law and order, family guy

Favorite Quote

"I think you should keep your mouth shut, because it never seems to tell the truth..." "They say that love is forever but your forever is all that I need, please stay forever with me, can't promise that things won't be broken, but I swear that I will never leave. Please stay forever with me"

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