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13 / female / Newfield,NY

***o,My Names Jessica Nicole Nickles And Im 13 Years Old.My Birthday Is June 13,1998.I Love To Do Lots Of Things.I Love Music And My Favorite Bands Are Eminem,Lil Wayne,Linkin Park,Asking Alexandria,Bullet For My Valentine,Slipnot,Muse,Bring Me The Horizen,ect.I Also Love To Swim And Play Soccer.Im Not Exacly On The Soccer Team But I've Always Dreampt Of It.I Also Know Spanish,Italian,And English.So I Think Thats Pretty Much It So Yeah :) Bye Now. :) Adios Amigos :)


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Favorite Video Games

Left 4 Dead 2,Black Ops,Kenect adventures,Dance Central 2,Modern Warfare 3,

Favorite Music

Eminem,Lil Wayne,Linkin Park,Asking Alexandria,Bullet For My Valentine,Slipnot,Katy Perry,Rhianna,Muse,Ect

Favorite Quote

"If you're ***ual, you're confused. If you're ***, it's a sin. If you're skinny, you're on drugs. If you're fat, you look nasty. If you're dressed up, you're conceited. If you dress for comfort, you're a slob. If you speak you're mind, you're a ***. If you don't say anything, you're a punk. If you are sweet to strangers, you are fake. If you cry, you're a drama queen. If you have male friends,

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