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Age 13 Gender male Country i LiVE EvEry wHEre DoPe

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About Me:

i LoVe GiRls blooD And mIcHael mYErs iM tHe DoPEsT KiNgEvEr im SO doPe DOpe DopEty dOPe tO rEaL Dopey dOPeSt LOL

Interests breakdancin every day alSo seeing SLit NeCKs iS DoPE Favorite Video Games left4DEAD blood and GorE language violence best ZOmbiE game everAHHHH!!!!!! DOpE Favorite Music bULLetS & OcTanE BLOOD HEEEHEE iS dOpE Favorite Movies step up 3 iS DoPE iT GOt bREaKdanCing in It GIRls DrAMa ROOOOOMMMMAAANNNCCEE & MOsT aLL dAncIng DoPE Fav. Tv Shows: WWe iS AWsome DOpE Favorite Books dR.suEss iS awSOmE i Cant CaLL hiM dOPe bEcaUSe heS wHiTe bUt Im NOt rAciSt BUt heS DoeP Favorite Quote any 1 dat wont beef im at yo front door xD (:

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