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I could go on about myself... But what's the point? You don't really have time to waste reading this, right? But you do. And that's why you're on this site in the first place. Let's just say, I laugh at humans. How they stupidly go about, thinking that they matter in some way. Waking up, and repeating the same patterns as yesterday. Don't they ever think "Why?" Humans are robots. Programmed to obey what they are told, over and over again. Then there are the few that manage to break out of their programming. Those who look from outside, and think "Why? Why do humans follow the same patterns? Why are they no different from the next?" Except these ones are usually called "Crazy". They're considered broken. And why? Because they broke their program. Yes, you may think you are unique in som


Interests? What are they? Pointless little time wasters, to keep us occupied until the inevitable end.

Favorite Video Games

Because I have nothing else to do as of late, there is hundreds upon thousands.

Favorite Music

Anything metal! Thrash, Death, Nu or Industrial. I like it all.

Favorite Movies

The older horrors I guess. The Shining, Dawn of The Dead (The Original), that sort of thing.

Fav. Tv Shows

I could list the anime I like, but we don

Favorite Books

Hmm... Mythology stuff, mostly. Also, a lot of Shakespeare.

Favorite Quote

Such is the human race, often it seems a pity that Noah didn't miss the boat. - Mark Twain

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