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13 / female / Baltimore, Maryland

I am the most po***r girl at school, I lost my dad 3 or 4 years ago, and I LOVE to to have a good scare once in a while! :) And I go out every once in a while and a HUGE Ravens Fan :) I am a Huge fan of LMFAO, My favorite song from them is I'm ***y and I Know It! <3 I am Ellen ***y And I Know It Penn and I am ***y and I know It! :) NO questions asked!


Music, Friends, Hot guys,and Scary games XD

Favorite Video Games

Guitar Hero AeroSmith

Favorite Music

AeroSmith, Guns N Roses,nad Black E*** Peas :)

Favorite Movies

, The Harry Potter series, Screams 1,2,3,&4, and American Pies 1 & 2

Fav. Tv Shows

SpongeBob:), Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons

Favorite Books

Harry Potter Series, ******ins, and Goose Bumps XD

Favorite Quote

"TTYL, PEACE!" "This has got to be the Good Life" "I Bring The Fire" The Party Don't Start til I Walk In" "I'm the Cool Cat :)" "I <3 BTIOTGL! My bestest friend is Leah Lambert :) "Party Rock Is In The House Tonight:" "I'm ***y and I know it" :)

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