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13 / male / in a closet or even worse...watching you in the rain outside from your window

its pretty impossible 2 beat me at boxing and if u want to try me lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im also a recruiter so send me a friend request and i will accept,i like paint-balling aace.i watch to much tosh.o and i like listening to Gabriel Iglesia's and Kevin hart's jokes. i mostly go on ***.com, transformice.com, and ROBLOX.com i mostly like to check out hot girls . And if you wanna chat more then add me on facebook as joshua bustamante, jjazz24106@Gmail.com, i also play happy wheels on totaljerface.com, and lastly, i play PS3 so add me as evilbugsbunny


cars,guns,video games,girls,money,drawing,getting arrested,or eating chicken

Favorite Video Games

call of duty,fallout,grand theft auto,marvel ultimate alliance, spider man 3, the suffering ,mafia ,***asions creed 1,2,3,4, & 5

Favorite Music

lil wayne,pitbul,D12,eminem,tupac,ice cube,or any rapper

Favorite Movies

never back down,any dragon ball movie and any horror movie and every

Fav. Tv Shows

dragon ball z,dragon ball gt,dragonball,tosh.0,family guy, daily show with jon stewart

Favorite Books

dragon ball,the strange case of oragami yoda,game informer

Favorite Quote

"never stain your blades with the blood of the innocent"said by ezio alditorie and altiar oladen, from the ******ins creed games

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