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13 / female / qeens N.Y or in your closet

i am emo i love video games skate boarding,drawing and painting,and music mostley screamo music and a lil rap i hate makeup and the color pink. i right in all capitals cuz i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! i love shane dowson ,jaden whale,shout out sunday,comic fire,adien the dude,on youtube o and epic meal time and if u dont no who they are then LOOK THEM UP!!!!!!! i am in the 8th grade and i go to ms.137 i like to be called sam ,max, or rain most of my frends call me that soooooooooo......piece OUT!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^


music,sports,videogames,scareing and pranking people to death,and skate boarding,draawing and painting

Favorite Video Games

car,scary,and shooting

Favorite Music

blood on the dance floor,i see stars,black viel brides,hollywood undead,lil wayne,eminem,all time low,linkin park,greenday,my chemical romance,paremore,thee days grace,coldplay,feature creature,a day to remember, and others i cant remember *.*

Favorite Movies

13 ghost,all the scream movies ,all the final destination movies,some funny movies,terminator movies *** yea! and some , the grudge, the ring,friday the 13, saw all of them

Fav. Tv Shows

silent libriary,alot of stuff on youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^ ,family guy, the simsons,american dad,the clevland show,bobs burgers!!!!!,regular show,1,000 ways to die,amazing world of gumball!!!! ,wwe raw. football and backet ball

Favorite Books

scary and funny

Favorite Quote

"to live the game you have to play"

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