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14 / male / Shuffleing With DJ BL3ND

my last acc on this was xxbcprogodkiller so sorry i have to add everyone again i failed on taco fb acc xxprocodkiller aka kendrickcookiezsomerville add me wooooooo 2 Year Gamer Add Me On XboxLive GamerTag UNDEADXTACOXX all caps and feel free to invite to play reach or anything and msg me if u wanna know anything else about me heart brokeen

Favorite Video Games

blackops combat arms gta4 l4d2 l4d saw mw2 bfbc2

Favorite Music

slipknot korn A7X Billy talent LMFAO DJ BL3ND DJ Taco thats my dj name and il be posting vids 2 utube soon

Favorite Movies

scream4 thor

Fav. Tv Shows

mtv viva la bam jack***

Favorite Books

the hunger games

Favorite Quote

kill all sons of a ***s dance ***er dance like a boss XDDD (Quote form red vs blue ep 3 s1 SON OF A *** SON OF A *** SON OF A *** het grif the jeep blew up no shit XDDD

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