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13 / female / non of ur beeswax =)

my name is kitana, im 13 yrs old. i listen to musik almost all day and i love makin new frends! im cool and funny (i dnt thnk so but ive been told =P ) and im the 'sweetest' girl u will ever 'meet'! if u wanna be frends send me a message or sumthin and become my frend! byee


idkk.. musik? =P

Favorite Video Games


Favorite Music

bvb bmth botdf patd and more! =)

Favorite Movies


Fav. Tv Shows

teen wolf pretty little liars secret life

Favorite Books

i dnt like readin =P

Favorite Quote

'to my haterz i keep it real and thats a promise i may be a b**ch but at least im HONEST. when i walk by you stop and stare well keep on lookin kuz i dnt care! i have my own life and style not trying to please you or make u smile! =) when it comes to competition you are out now shut up and keep me out of your mouth THANKS FOR MAKIN ME THE CENTER OF YOUR WORLD HATERS!! =)

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