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18 / female / Sweden

I am really good in Origami... I hate math... And, I love www.***.Com. I like horror ALOT! I have brown hair, Dark brown eyes and I love to listen to Eric saade! He almost won in Euro Vision! :( I go alot on computer EVERY DAY. My favorite color is dark blue and Orange. I read A lot of scary books. I had 2 hamsters, one died, the other one is still alive, I have an Annoying 5 year old brother and a baby sister, she was born on July 5, 2011, she was amed Anna., she is really cute. I can speak Swedish, Danish, British English, Norwegian, and Russian. Add me!


Computer games, Facebook,origami, and R.N.B dancing.

Favorite Video Games

Super Mario Galaxy

Favorite Music

Eric Saade, Bruno mars

Favorite Movies

The final destination, Scary movies

Fav. Tv Shows

Big Time Rush

Favorite Books

All adventure, horror, romantic books, I LOVE READING.

Favorite Quote

"Every Puzzle Has an Answer" "What the"

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