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13 / female / Houston, TX

Well I am fun, smart, pretty,and really outgoing i love school and i like hanging out with my friends and family. I really like singing and acting and i really like music, in my school i am in band i play an open hole flute and it sound amazing all of my friends who are in band with me also think so, and i feel the same for everyone in band they are really talented just like me i think that is all you need to know about me. OHH and i forgot to tell you that if you mess with me bad things will happen to you BEWARE FROM GHOSTFAN8907!!!!!! BYE!!!!!



Favorite Video Games

Violence,obstacles,and lot's of thinking

Favorite Music

Black E*** Peas/BTR

Favorite Movies

Thir13een Ghost,All Saw movies

Fav. Tv Shows

WWE,1000 ways to die,BTR,Victorious,icarly,Jersey S***

Favorite Books

Scary Stories- Alvin Schwartz

Favorite Quote

"Get excellent grades and stay in school!!!!"

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