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13 / female / Miami Baby!!

Do people even read this c- r-a-p?? Anyway i love wrestling (mostly WWE,) I LOVE ARMY STUFF. IM NOT A TOMBOY! I LOVE EVERYTHING THAT IS SCARY!!!! SO I LOVE SCARY STORIES, URBAN LEGENDS, SCARY POP UPS, SCREAMERS AND ALL THAT GOOD STUFF oops had caps on. But theres alot more, I'm mixed with : black, irish, dutch (a little dutch) indian, italin, and white. AND IM PROUD! :D I'm a really good fighter so its not smart to mess wit me! I hit really hard..... Not gonna go into details I have two brothers, two sisters who are older then me. and yeah so........................................................ AND ALSO ;)



Favorite Video Games

:) even tho im a girl i still have alot of favorite video games (mostly boxing and army type)

Favorite Music


Favorite Movies


Fav. Tv Shows

Again i have alot n its not worth all listing..

Favorite Books

i have alot so.....

Favorite Quote

get the h-e-l-l outta my face or your gonna be leaving with a black eye and busted lip.

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