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BONJOUR J'AI M'APPELLE DANNY J'AI 16 ANS 70% angel and 30% devil. OKK HEY YALL ITS DANNY U ALREADI KNO I LOVE U MWAH! KK N UHHH YEA HMU im a poet i write wat i feel trust mi no one can see wat i been thru unless dey was der i love i dnt fight but i shall hit a hoe wit a bottle u feel mi? im bi-***ual aint afraid to tell it to ur face judge mi if u please it will not kill nor break mi heart no more den wat its alreadi goin thru thank you

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So let the music it blast We gon' do our dance Praise the doubters on They don't matter at all Cuz this lifes to long And this love's to strong So baby know for sho' That I'll never let you g

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