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I mostly focus on gaming content, but you never know what this brilliant mind might come up with! I am NEW to HORROR games mostly because I do like scary things. Well, that's all about to change! I will get scared and scream and probably cry.. but thats okay. As long as you enjoy the video, then its worth it! If you have any requests or advice for an video idea or game I should play then please let me know. And yes, you can be my friend. :) Hope you have a good day! #BeAMiracle.


I wanna make people laugh and realize that if I am making them have a better day by just being me playing a game or doing a silly sketch or whatever.. then they can make someone feel special too. Anyone, can be a miracle. - SyicoGamer

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Anything but Horror

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I listen to everything but bluegr***.

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Anything but Horror

Fav. Tv Shows

Anything but Horror

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Anything but Horror

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Be a Miracle

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