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Down with Hitler and anything that isn't the Soviet Union. All about communism, the Big C and killing dem democrats you s***.


Communism, Atomic Bomb, Killing *** plebs, and causing m*** famine

Favorite Video Games

Whichever one involves communism and dying democrats.

Favorite Music

RED Hot Chili Communism, U 2 Need communism, My Chemical Warfare, Three days of hunger, Three A-Bombs Down, Death Cab For Harry Truman, Guns and A-Bombs, The Rolling Heads of Democrats, Black Eye'd Communists, The Iron Maiden with the Iron Curtain, AC/DCo

Favorite Movies

The Red Menace

Fav. Tv Shows

The Lost World of Communism

Favorite Books

The Communism Manifesto

Favorite Quote

"Death is the solution to all problems.- No man- No problem." Quote by Me.

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