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according to my friends i am a kind person(like amina, kathy, miaska, niecy and a few others here on GS), also loved by some people, i don't know what they mean. anyway, i love dogs and kids, mostly i give a smile to those little children. i am quite closed for the world to be honest, im not a big talker, but i help when i can. also, i like horror-games, not that they are scary, sometimes they are just funny like raspy hill, :D nine-tailed fox on the run..... come in A.T.S.P, say that you came from ***. if im there, i'll be able to help you


dogs, kids

Favorite Video Games

attack on titan tribute game (thats the name for now, still in dev)

Favorite Music

(don't really have one, i just listen)

Favorite Movies

(don't really have one)

Fav. Tv Shows

attack on titan, bleach, tokyo ghoul (anime)

Favorite Books

trilogy of David eddings>diamond throne, sapphire rose, ruby knight

Favorite Quote

Without you, I feel broke. Like I'm half of a whole. Without you, I've got no hand to hold. Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm. Without you, I'm just a sad song.

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