20 / male / U.S.A.

I'm currently in college now, I'm doing a mayor in microbiology, in the future, i would really love to be a geneticist and i love to play video games, i like to read and i can play the piano and a little the guitar. I also know how to cook. If i put my mind to something, i always get it, i always believe in myself and never let anybody put me down, that's why there's this thing call, ignoring people, it works easily, I'm more of a lone wolf kind of person.


Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, genetics and videogames.

Favorite Video Games

Ps3: God of war series, uncharted, infamous, killzone. Multiplatform games: GTA4, saints row, bioshock.

Favorite Music

michael jackson, imagine dragons, hollywood undead and linking park.

Favorite Movies

Constantine, Scary movies and comedy movies, Harry Potter movies.

Fav. Tv Shows

1000 ways to die, the walking dead (series) ,malcon in the middle, spongebob, george lopez, everybody hates chris

Favorite Books

The archer's tale, The pale horseman, All the lovely bad ones, Wait till helen comes, Fire.

Favorite Quote

"how a person plays a game shows little of he's actitude and how he loses shows all of it"

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