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This“About Me”Is Goinq To Be Different, I repeat(DIFFERENT).So I am much into music and i also like to play games on computer,laptops,PSP, Xbox-360,Tab[Have all the experiences in them],But most’em of in short is like playing sports,cooking,love to kick, punch, nice, attractive, Like to laugh, and through communicating, conversing with others , because by this “we” can know each other better. So you may think I look very good ugly looking[Well I give thanks]but I’ve my own qualities,so where was I, oh yes and some charm. I’ve mischievous eyes to the point of enticing,sometime I laugh.I’m rich[TRULY}. From them[I mean my parents]I get lots of pocket money from them. My parents work on an amazing place. and beside that there is an amazing *** with an amazing shit! Furthermore, like to have intelligent people around parents the best because they gave birth a devil, I guess that is me,So send me a messages cause I would like to help.Bye!

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