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MY FACEBOOK URL: Greetings, I Just Love Friends Online. I am A Hybrid ***anese-Philo (***anese-Filipino) XD I am Weird. Silent. Boyish. Meowish. ;3 I like Yuri xP And for me, everything is an Art... From the violence and death to Peace and Love. Please be one of my lovely friends.. ^w^ Peace Out! "Music is a universal language. it wakes me up in the morning and rocks me to sleep at night it drives me to school and drives me to work it cooks and it even cleans. it's a mediator, a conversation starter and a night closer. it's calm and soothing and loud and hypnotic its an ice breaker and is unifying, its culture and a choice. Music is understood by all, and is the rhythm of our time. it's heart warming and tear jerking, it's personal


games; cats; musics; anime; friends

Favorite Video Games

metal slug and etc.

Favorite Music

Hokago TeaTime; Vocaloid

Favorite Movies

many to mention

Fav. Tv Shows

Anime Shows

Favorite Books


Favorite Quote

~meowwww.... ♥ -Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out. -No mountain nor sea No thing of this world Could keep us apart. Because this is not my world. "you are''

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