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17 / male / Azerbaijan

I would love to meet with new people. I try to be honest most time but if I have to , I can even make the snake believe that it has got long legs.I have a colorful imagination. But sometimes I think "black and white". I get angry easily , but calm down fast depending on what I was angry on. I can hardly forgive you if you ruin my mood. I prefer peace and friendship , but if someone is gonna mess with me , I will curse the sh*t out of him/her and will tear that person apart. I like challenges , in games or in real life. I love parties and action , but sometimes I am lazy as ***. So this is the basic information about me , see ya all on *** , HAVE FUN (^_^).


Walking , playing computer games , watching movies , conversating , RP , and of course CARS and RACES...

Favorite Video Games

Too many to mention... My top list is : Mortal Kombat series , ******in's Creed series , Need for Speed series , Guitar Hero series and Prince of Persia series...

Favorite Music

Too many to count , but for now it's Black Tide...And I also love Club style.

Favorite Movies

Too many to mention...

Fav. Tv Shows

Many... Anime included...

Favorite Books

Many , no special one...

Favorite Quote

Life ***s...But you are the one who must make it awesome...

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