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i love tokio hotel and i love goth bands and i love singing and dancing not much dancing i love horror movies and games and books every thing is horror i love it and i love rock goth rock goth rock goth music and style for tokio hotel and all goth bands i love goth bands so so so so so so so so so much AND HOW ABOUT MY FACE : my hair is dark brown and my eyes is dark brown too but when i grow up i well put lime green tuft i mean high lights and i wish my eyes well be grey i wish but i can't . and then my skin color its normal wight thats mean not pale and i dress like tokio hotel i mean its like rock and goth stars its black and some hot pink and some colors black i love this color and how about my fave colors its black and lime gr


horror and music

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horror games

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tokio hotel and goth music

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project run way

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horror books

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