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14 / female / Shadow temple

I'm like a shadow or maybe a ghost, nobody notice me but i'm always there... I love creepypastas... Love gore and blood >:3 Metalhead Want to know more? ask


Piano, Video Games, Creepypastas, Rituals, Draw, Sing/scream, Books, Puzzles, youtube, Anime, Dark Poetry...

Favorite Video Games

The legend of Zelda Series, Sonic the hedgehog, Pokemon, Castlevania, Megaman, Pac-man, Alice Madness Returns, Amnesia, Binding of isaac, Deep sleep, deeper sleep, deepest sleep,Horror pixel games...

Favorite Music

5FDP, Motionless in white, Suicide Silence, BVB, MCR, BMTH, slipknot, iron maiden, koRn, Disturbed, Moonblood, Bat noveau, Corpus delict, dreadful shadows, The Maine, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, MSI, Avatar...

Favorite Movies

X-men (all movies), Batman, Coraline, Nightmare before christmas, Corpse Bride, It, Misery, Alicwee in wonderland, edward sissor hands....

Fav. Tv Shows

Death Note, Soul Eater, Amazing world of gumball, Invader Zim, Salad Fingers, My Little pony (yes my ungoth conession), Criminal minds, Steven universe, american horror story...

Favorite Books

The name of the wind (trilogy), The Ghost Files(1,2,3,4), You've been warned, The silence of lambs...

Favorite Quote

"Quiet people have the lodest minds" -Edgar Allan Poe

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