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17 / female / canada

Im just another bored teenager goin threw there last year of high school. i inspire to be a tattoo artist and possibly attend university to get my art major. my goal it to be known in the world for the work i have done and the things i have accomplished. next year i plan on moving out and GET ON WITH MY ***ING LIFE.


drawing, modeling, painting

Favorite Video Games

horror, adventure

Favorite Music

scary kids scaring kids, hollywood undead, slipknot, atreyu, brokencyde, perice the veil, august burns red

Favorite Movies

step brothers, semi-pro, zombie land, shawn of the dead, dawn of the dead, saw1,2,3,4,5,6, insanitarium, cabin fever, ect

Fav. Tv Shows

moonlight, bones, rookie blue, the tutors

Favorite Quote

"im gunna cut you so bad, your gunna wish i hadnt cut you so bad" "Ralpgh?" "i use rocks as things to throw at people" "have a lushiious V of chest puibs, going down to my ball fro"

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