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13 / female / United States

I am 13, female, emo, pan***ual, tomboy. I love music, playing the keyboard and piano, talking to my friends, eating, sleeping, watching movies and playing games.


Music, Bands, Mosh, Tattoos, Hot Topic.

Favorite Video Games

Call Of Duty, ******in's Creed, Ghost, The Walking Dead.

Favorite Music

Blood On The Dance Floor, Paradise Fears, Escape The Fate.

Favorite Movies

If I Stay, The Fault In Our Stars, Silence, Primal, Prowl, Cabin Fever.

Fav. Tv Shows

Z Nation, The Walking Dead, True Blood.

Favorite Books

Mission (Un)Po***r, Schooled, I Am Regina.

Favorite Quote

"I'll carry you home, no you're not alone, keep marching on, this is worth fighting for, you know we've all got battle scars, keep marching on" ~ Paradise Fears

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