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Hi,I'm Amina.I love to have new friends.According to my friends I am a sweet,funny,kind and a helpful person.I love to rp with people.I love to play horror games especially "The lost souls".My good friends are:Yumadkovia,TheLoyalist,Kous12 and a lot others.I am a directioner.Wanna know more about me?Feel free to ask.See ya later!SWAG!Well,I use stardoll everyday.But on different times.So,I'll try to answer you guy's messages.


Kittens,Puppies and Kids

Favorite Video Games

(I don't know xD)

Favorite Music

One direction and Fifth harmony

Favorite Movies

(I have a lot in my mind so I can't choose one)

Fav. Tv Shows

X Factor

Favorite Books

(I don't have any in mind)

Favorite Quote

"A dream is only a dream...until you make it real"~Harry Styles "Age is just a number,maturity is a choice"~Harry Styles

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