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17 / male / uk lad

im bob, nice to meet ya, i love my girl loadzz dont no wat 2 do wid out her love u <3 i love playing video games and chilling out and watching my girl smiling next to me, i luv working outt at the gym if ur wondering and i like watching lee nelson good show coz hes quality and why wud u read this anyway x x x x *** x x ***x *** x x x x x xx *** x x ***xx x *** x x ***x x x


games,sports,music and yeah girls

Favorite Video Games

vampire slayer,grand theft auto 3

Favorite Music

cee lo green, b.o.b, dj sammy, dmx, heavy music

Favorite Movies

saw,nightmare on elm street,jason x

Fav. Tv Shows

LEE NELSON GOOD SHOW, family guy,american dad,south park

Favorite Books


Favorite Quote

lee nelson ur wicked lad and girl ur so prettie i carnt keep mi eyes off u xx

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