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20 / female

I create for my piece of mind n I Play games to kill time.


Practice guitar, Read, Paint ,Cook, Draw

Favorite Video Games

Silent Hill Shattered memories, Unreal Tornament, All of the Tomb Raiders, Spyro, God Of War, Grand theft auto...alot more

Favorite Music

Screaming Females, Morrisey, Outkast, Adam Green, Nina Simone, James Brown, The Knife, Amy Winehouse alot more

Favorite Movies

Sling Blade, The Shining, prolly more but I cant think of anymore right now

Fav. Tv Shows

Mainly I Like to watch the News if i do watch shows I'll watch scared straight, maury, Judge Judy n Bad girls club but I rarley turn on the TV I like the interrnet more.

Favorite Books

It, The house of the scorpion

Favorite Quote

"Ur all my slaves" ~ Jesus

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