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Hi my real name is Holly and i love: going on the internet, watching tv, playing on the Xbox360, and drawing. I also love to listen to rock music loud :-) Also my favourite animals are lions and bats, my favourite character from the ring is Samara because her own mother tried 2 drowned her cuz she thought a demon waz inside of her and she was adopted by Anna and Richard Morgan, also her adoption mother Anna put a black bag over her head and suffercated her! Then she let Samara drop down a well! :'-( I actually wanteds her to be my sister before she died! I also love to watch horror movies for 18 or over like my bloody valantine and IT also my dad lets me, but he thinks 'IT' is boring but it isn't it's ***ing funny!! Also i love £money and i am bad and evil so i am the queen of darkness


zombies,skulls and scary pop up videos

Favorite Video Games

Saw and left 4 dead 2

Favorite Music

The cure

Favorite Movies

All saw movies, the ring, scary movies and friday the 13th

Fav. Tv Shows

mock the week

Favorite Books

play dead

Favorite Quote


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