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15 / male / United States

im the guy who has a sense of humor and likes to make everyone happy i am also a gamer and likes to play COD BO 2 alot with my friends. ------------------------------------------------ I also love anime and attack on titans which is rlly epic i love to play basketball and football cause its epic although i do spend most of my day playing video games. i love ufc and i like to watch it especially the ones with rampage jack son and brock lesnar ---------------------------------------- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! # SHOUT OUT TO ALL GAMERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ALL THE ANIME LOVERS OUT THERE DONT FORGET TO WATCH ATTACK ON TITANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ------------------ (seriously dont forget to watch it its epic!)


pie,anime,any horror or sports or shooting video game, mortal combat , dashie xp go check out his channel if you dont know him, and alot more

Favorite Video Games

cod bo 2 2k14 and i have alot more

Favorite Music

skrillex , linkin park

Favorite Movies

smiley and any other horrors

Fav. Tv Shows

attack on titans, bleach

Favorite Books

the ones that are interesting or any other thing related to entertaining

Favorite Quote

dont judge a book by its cover keep calm and play video games

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