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13 / female / USA

I Play Games in my Spare Time - But When I'm Away, I'm Probably Doing Something Stupid. I've Been Taking Parkour & Balisong Lessons, Along With That, I Love To Sing, Play Guitar, B***, Piano, Violin, & Cello. And Of Course, Reading/Writing/Drawing Are Musts. I HAVE NEVER TRIED NUTELLA. ... DONT ASK.


Videogames, Anime, Comics, Manga, Creepypasta, Reading, Writing, Digital Art (I Have a PW & DeviantArt), Singing, Dancing, Most Sports

Favorite Video Games

Garry's Mod, Trouble in Terrorist Town, Eyes, Slenderman, Minecraft, YFYIAR, Team Fortress 2, Most Indie Games (Just Ask)

Favorite Music

Boa (The English Indie Band, Not the KPOP Star), Nirvana, Coldplay, Temposhark, Telepopmusik, Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons, Red, 12 Stones, Of Mice & Men, Bring Me The Horizon

Favorite Movies

Afro Samurai (WHY DID IT MAKE ME CRY, I DONT EVEN KNOW), Evangelion 1.11/2.22/3.33,

Fav. Tv Shows

Bobs Burgers, Futurama, The Simpsons, American Dad, Death Note, Serial Experiments Lain, Elfen Lied, .hack//Quantum, Ghost in the S***, Durarara, Deadmans Wonderland, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, Initial D, Fruits Basket, Catfish (I admit the last one is random)

Favorite Books

The Fire Within Series by Chris D' Lacey, The Shadow of the Wind, All the Old Sherlock Holmes Books, The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, etc...

Favorite Quote

"People are mysterious things. It is often the underestimated, doubted, underappreciated, poor, abused, ostracized kids that secretly work in private to strive for the best- and obtain their best dreams. They may not be rich, they may not be famous, but they are living among us as we speak. Having happy families, working their dream job. Heck- some are pulling in racks and getting that spot on t.v

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