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13 / female / redwater tx/texarkana

skateboarding is my thing im nt an only child i have one sister gosh shes annoying id trade her for some new trucks to put on my skateboard but if u wanna know stuff bout me just ask me in message and add me on myspace the name is kaitlyn crawford but my user name is te amo bebe



Favorite Video Games

grand theft audo

Favorite Music

hip hop,rap,paramore,slipknot,and some more

Favorite Movies

scary only

Fav. Tv Shows

scary only

Favorite Books

dnt read much

Favorite Quote

im a type of girl thats not afraid to do anything i weigh 100 i love skateboarding and hangin wid friends at tha mall.if i get dared to do anything ill do it and if u need back up in a fight im there for you and my name is kaitlyn i go by kate but if u wanna know more about me send me a meesage and ill be glad to answer.

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